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Financial Services
Corporate Finance Print E-mail

We offer a spectrum of corporate finance services to clients seeking finance or investment transaction support. Our team works closely with global and local banks, fund managers and multilateral financial institutions. Given our local credentials and network of international contacts, we are able to attract capital flows and facilitate investments in South East Europe and Bulgaria. Our corporate finance professionals are able to quickly structure and execute transactions that meet the needs of our clients.

We advise on the execution of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and privatizations; help raise funds for private companies; and provide active participation in all aspects of private equity transactions. We assist our clients to undertake acquisitions, identify potential joint ventures or strategic alliances, implement financial planning and structure project financing.

Our corporate finance services cover the following areas:

  • debt and equity financing
  • business modeling and financial forecasting
  • project and structured finance
Debt & Equity financing Print E-mail

EUROINVEST CONSULTING Ltd. help assess the current and future financial requirements of our clients andassist them in approaching the private equity or debt markets. Through external financing, arranged at a competitive cost and with the most attractive terms via our network of private equity and lending institutions, we help our clients implement efficient capital structures either to finance expansion projects or optimize their current operations. Our line of fund raising advisory services includes:

  • fund raising - private equity and venture capital
  • fund raising - debt financing
  • general financial advice
  • investor search & assessment

No matter what fund raising advice you need, the typical steps of the fund raising process usually include:

  • collection of internal company information needed for initial estimation of your funding needs and for the preparation of information packages
  • research, identify, prioritize, and approach prospective financial institutions
  • preparation of information packages (Business Plan) that include financial forecasts, company, industry, market and competitive information.
  • distribution of information to shortlisted financial institutions and manage the requests for additional information and due diligence visits.
  • negotiation of the terms, structure, and pricing of a transaction to best fit the client's objectives, and close the deal.
Business modeling & Financial forecasts Print E-mail

EUROINVEST CONSULTING Ltd. offer business modeling and valuation services for clients that require analysis of their sector, existing and potential markets, competitors, and strategic business direction. In close cooperation with our research unit, we develop business plans for our clients, either for internal purposes of management planning or for presentation to outside financial sources. We also help our clients assess the feasibility of investing in a specific project or acquisition target.

Our business modeling & financial forecasting services cover the following areas:

  • strategic business plans
  • operational and financial plans
  • project valuation
  • cash flow projections
  • feasibility studies
  • investment memoranda

Typically, the final product of this process is a business plan (investment memorandum), accompanied by the appropriate financial projections that outline the operational and financial plans of your company, including pro forma financial statements.

Project and Structured finance Print E-mail

Project and structured finance tools are used to optimize the cost of capital needed for internal projects or acquisitions, giving our clients competitive advantage and bargaining power. We can help identify assets and cash flows which are attractive to investors or lenders, structure the deal, carry out due diligence to minimize risks related to the deal, and help identify financial sources.

We undertake project and structured finance assignments in the following areas:

  • financial structure analysis and optimization
  • capital budgeting, cost of capital and dividend policy
  • fund raising

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